A Heavens’s Kiss

The hush of Mary cools my aching, burning heart,
her love comes streaming through my dark.

While Jesus‘ hands relieve my shoulders from behind,
putting to ease my troubled, busy mind.

The while my legs and belly feel a Chinese master’s touch,
they never had relaxed that much …

And from above comes Heaven’s kiss,
oh what enormous, time- and space-less, happy bliss …

Christoph Engen, November 25th 2012

Ein Gedanke zu „A Heavens’s Kiss“

  1. I read this words, what do i miss?
    yes, it´s exactly this, that heaven´s kiss.
    i close my eyes what happens now?
    kiss kiss kiss kiss and i think wow!
    thank you Jesus, that you´re here
    there is now no more place for sorrow and fear

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