Dialog mit der Foundation For Inner Peace

Ich habe gestern der Foundation die gesammelten Spenden von 1585 Euro (=2120 US-Dollar) geschickt und ihnen eine kurze Erklärung dazu geschrieben. Heute früh erhielt ich zwei Antworten. Lest hier den Dialog:

(Hinweis: Wer gar kein Englisch kann, der kann eine automatische Google-Übersetzung sehen. Die Übersetzung ist eher von bescheidener Qualität, aber man versteht zumindest grob, worum es ging.)

Felix Alcala schrieb:


I’d like to give some information about our donation of $2120.

In December, you sent me a letter asking for donations for the adopt-a-language-program. I decided to donate, and also to ask my housemates if they’d like to participate.

We are a „group“ of course students who share a house in Thuringa, Germany. Quickly, the donation envelope filled. At some point in time, a visiting friend of ours suggested we also publish the call for donation on our website, which I did (link). Soon, we were given even more money. And thus, as of today, we raised 1585 Euros, which translates to $2120 according to google.

I just donated this amount to your foundation using my name, but really, this is a joined effort of many many course students in Germany and Switzerland (see below).

I’d also like to mention that I am a software engineer for mobile apps and websites (with a strong background in large-scale text processing). I’d like to offer my help in any cause where you’d need support (e.g. international ACIM ebooks/websites/apps…). I’m also friend of Anna Appelbaum who is currently translating the ACIM website to German.

Love IS the way we walk in Gratitude. Thank you all for all your dedication, work, and support.

Felix Alcala

PS: I do not know the names of all who donated, but these are some of them:

Angela Reese
Brigitte Meier
Felix & Katharina Alcala
Heidrun Hesse
Irene Richter
Michael & Bhakti Ostarek
Michael Fohrmann
Michael & Gertraud Lukasser
Monika Fertner
Jeannette Barnikol
Jasmin Schiwy & Family
Waltraud Spohr
Ulrike Pinkwart

JUDITH WHITSON antwortet zuerst mit einer kleinen Diashow



Etwas später antwortet JUDITH WHITSON ausführlicher

>> Hi Felix,

>> It seems I got to answer you before receiving this informative message! First of all, our thanks to all the individuals who have helped in this project. That fact that you reached out to others and spearheaded this project touches me tremendously. Please tell them, each and every one, know much we honor them. This connection with the group of you is thrilling for us.

Do you happen to have photo of your „group“? it would be nice to include all in our slide show and on the new wall we are building showing the outreach of the Course worldwide.

Yes, we could use some good advice from an experienced software engineer. I will have one of our members contact you with some questions and ideas.

Meanwhile, we are having a very happy Sunday knowing we have a group of friends in Germany. Please tell Ana that we miss her presence in California!



Den Dank gebe ich gern weiter … 🙂 Danke!

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