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Keep still

Keep still …
keep quiet ‘til you begin 
experiencing what just seemed 
present really disappears.
However unfathomably slow, so 
slow that it appears 
as present — and yet — 
if you indeed keep still just once,
you very clearly realize,
the present one is you
and all else disappears!

When you’re completely still,
when you’re not nervously
and frightfully one with 
all that disappears,
when you no longer wish 
yourself to die
and thus not grab for it 
nor keep it seized —
you must have turned still,
becoming Him …

I Am


Beloved brothers,

Yes — something is changing. Again, a seemingly familiar state ceases to give security. But it’s not true that “something is changing”. This time it’s yourself who willingly brought his own past learning to the Holy Instant, to allow Him that His Will may fill your awareness. And thus His Will will also happen through you.

You don’t know what’s going to happen then? And how could you be able to find an eternally present Will in the future! Your present is Now. Exactly as His Will! And in here you are one; completely secure and safe.

And all these questions, these timid “ifs” and “buts”? These, beloved brother, fellow traveler and companion on the way Home, these fears are not His Will nor are they ever going to be! To let the past pass only makes sense if it’s not to be used again. Not even in order to understand!  That’s how — behind all the perishable — an imperishable Will can become your experience at last.

So what is the change?  You really give up your worries for the future every day! You do not want to counter His Will with past experiences. That’s how we save ourselves truly. And thus we discover that it can only be called a way because more and more we are settling down, finding peace, pausing — and we are not constantly on the run anymore: it’s the past that is passing … and we are waking up! So, beloved brothers, let us rest in His Will and experience that we Are.

Be blessed

Michael & Bhakti 

Brother, oh most beloved brother!

Let’s understand what we have not understood so far, so nothing stands in the way anymore to awakening to love — as we indeed cherish it for each other. Jesus could only give us charity as a commandment because in truth we share total love for each other. We are what Love is!  We are in Love and one with Love.

“Then why do I experience grievances and conflict over and over again?” you might ask yourself unwillingly. That’s the point, that’s why you need a dependable Teacher, whose answer to your question really helps you.  So let us then find the answer and share it with one another. Today, it’s the following answer: “Eyes deceive and ears hear falsely.” You might have read these words in The Course in Miracles, but it is important to understand them in a way that they explain to you your previous experience of grievances and conflicts so you are able to save yourself from these unfortunate experiences. And not only yourself.  For you’re always sharing these experiences with those you are grieving and arguing with.  So once again: “Eyes deceive and ears hear falsely.”

How is something like this possible?  It’s only possible as long as you cannot distinguish your true thoughts from your wrong thoughts, or as long as you don’t ask the Holy Spirit (Who is able to distinguish them!) for His help. You were told what forgiveness really is and what it causes. It is a selective sorting out of wrong ideas in your mind.  Wrong thoughts are love-less thoughts. They cause arguments and grievances in your experience of life.  True thoughts are loving thoughts.  They cause peace and joy in your experience of life.  It’s your experience of life that we share with one another.  Without forgiveness you experience conflicts and grievances.  You see and hear this with your eyes and ears.  That’s why you think it’s true: “you’re deceiving yourself, brother!”

And that’s what you have to understand. And that’s why you have to stop and step back as long, until you subject everything that your eyes and ears report to you to one single test … and, brother, really accept the Atonement for yourself for that, so you don’t flee back into guilt (“ to be on the safe side”!). The test is this: am I one with my brother in complete, joyful, affectionate, blessed peace? Are we devoted to each other in Love? Do my eyes see this and is it this what my eyes report to me? — If it is only this then your perception is really true.  If there’s but the slightest bit of not only this then your eyes and ears are deceiving you for they report the existence of something wrong as existing to you. That’s the deception!

Deception doesn’t mean you don’t see and hear (then it wouldn’t be deception), however that you do see and hear very well — yet based on untrue thoughts. Namely on your part! “Well, and what about the others?” you might immediately want to know. That, brother, is going to be the Miracle. That, brother, is what you’re going to experience when you have allowed gracious, mighty forgiveness to flow like balm into your relationship.  That, beloved brother, will do you very good; it will cover you with love and happily bless your perception.  We want this for ourselves, as God wants this for us as well.

And now read these lines once more perhaps, and stop as often as unrelieved memories of conflicts and grievances keep recurring to you — and do experience/do become this Miracle.
We are thanking one another.

Michael & Bhakti


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